Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

At Kirton Lindsey Primary School grammar and punctuation is taught through the use of Rainbow Grammar, both in discreet lessons and as an integral part of other writing activities. Rainbow Grammar breaks sentences down into coloured sections, it is designed to teach the children in stages and builds on previous knowledge. As children build their knowledge, they learn how to structure more complex sentences, using grammar and punctuation correctly. 

From Year 1, children learn common spellings from patterns identified in the National Curriculum. Children are given 4 words per week from the Star Spell scheme and these are re-visited and the list of words is built upon over the year, to ensure retention. The Star Spell scheme is shared with parents through homework books. In addition, the discreet teaching of spelling begins in Year 2 with daily lessons, using the Babcock spelling scheme and building on phonics skills developed in the Early Years and Key Stage 1.

To find resources to help support grammar, please click on the document below.