The school encourages parents to support the school dress code drawn up following consultation with the School Council.  Navy Blue is the school colour. Items bearing the school logo can be ordered through a company called ‘Uniform Direct’.

 Click here to check out the Uniform Direct website. 

There is a prescribed school uniform that we would normally expect all children to wear.


Trousers or Shorts black / grey / navy

Skirts or Pinafore Dresses black / grey / navy

Summer Dresses light or navy blue

Sweatshirt / Cardigan navy blue

Shirt / Blouse / Polo Shirt white / navy 

Footwear black formal shoes (no open-toed sandals) or entirely black trainers (with no white or coloured logos) 

PE kit

Indoor PE Kit purple T-shirt or purple polo shirt & black shorts, optional indoor plimsols (EYFS and KS1 only)

Outdoor PE Kit purple sweatshirt or purple hoodie, purple T-shirt & black track suit bottoms, outdoor trainers suitable for sport (e.g. not canvas/Converse style)

Jewellery and Personal Belongings

Children should not wear jewellery to school as it can be dangerous in certain activities, and it is likely to get damaged or lost.

Children with pierced ears may wear plain stud earrings. We recommend that parents who wish their children to have pierced ears should leave this until the beginning of the summer holidays in order for ears to be healed on their return. The school will not accept any responsibility for any accidental injury cause by children wearing earrings.

In the interests of safety, all earrings should be taken out by the pupils themselves before a PE lesson. If ears are pierced in the middle of a term then plasters are allowed to be worn (supplied by the parents/carers) for a 6 week period. After this earrings should be removed.

Money and other valuables should not be brought into school, unless required for a specific activity.

Mobile phones should not be brought into school. If a child is found to have a mobile phone in school this will be confiscated by the Headteacher until a parent/carer collects it. If a child needs to bring a mobile phone into school, this should be pre-arranged with the class teacher and handed in for safe keeping on arrival at school.

The school will not accept any responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, wrist watches or other valuables in school.

Smartwatches which take photos or receive calls are not allowed in school.