Phonics in School

At Kirton Lindsey Primary School phonics teaching is structured and fast paced and requires active participation by the children. Our school follows the Letters and Sounds guidance and incorporates elements of phonics teaching for different sources that helps promote the learning of blending and segmenting in a fun and engaging way. Phonics sessions occur daily in Early Years and Key Stage 1 for 30 minutes and include shared reading and writing, to support the use of phonics. The use of phonics is reinforced throughout the curriculum to enable children to apply their developing skills. Children are taught in smaller groups to ensure that learning is differentiated and tailored to meet their needs. Teaching and assessment are regularly monitored by subject leaders. Children are expected to have achieved national expectations in phonics by the end of Year 1 and will be tested in the summer term to check their progress. If they fail to pass the required standard they are retested at the end of Year 2. Phonics teaching continues for all children until the end of Year 2. Children not achieving national expectations will then be supported with further phonics teaching in Key Stage 2 and progress is monitored to ensure they are acquiring the required skills.

For more information please check out our Curriculum Policies page.

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