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At Kirton Lindsey Primary School we have our own school community Facebook group. This is a closed group which only parents/carers, staff and governors can join. The following protocols for the use of the Facebook group were agreed with parent/carers.

Protocol for using Kirton Lindsey Primary School Closed Group

  • All information, pictures and comments are monitored by the Head Teacher and school’s Senior Leadership Team.
  • All membership and posts need approval.
  • The group is not to be used for discussions, concerns or moans; these should be addressed with school staff in the conventional way.
  • Only positive comments should be added to posts.
  • Any misuse of the group could result in membership being withdrawn.
  • Do not tag people outside the closed group in photographs or comments.

To find and join our Facebook Group click here or on the logo above. Your membership should be approved within a few days, but if you have any issues please speak to a member of school staff or contact the school office.