Who’s Who

A guide to the different jobs that people are responsible for at our school.

Mrs Randall

Mrs. Collette Randall
Headteacher / SLT

Mrs. Randall looks after all the staff and children and works hard to make sure the school meets the needs of all the children and is a safe and happy place to learn.

Mrs. Patricia Atkinson
Deputy Head / SLT/ SENDCo

Mrs. Atkinson supports Mrs. Randall in the leadership of the school. Mrs. Atkinson is also the Maths and Science subject leader across the school. She is also the Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (SENDCo)  and makes sure the children who have some difficulties learning get all the help and support they need to succeed.

Mr. Neil Fish-Clark
Senior Teacher / SLT 

Mr. Fish-Clark supports Mrs. Randall in the leadership of the school. Mr. Fish-Clark is also the Reading / Phonics and Computing subject leader across the school. He is also System and Operations Manager and Data Protection Officer.

Mrs. Carrie Kerridge
Senior Teacher /  SLT

Mrs. Kerridge supports Mrs. Randall in the leadership of the school. Mrs. Kerridge is also the Writing subject leader and High Achievers leader across the school.

Mrs. Alison Beale
Learning Mentor / Pastoral Care

Mrs. Beale is a good listener and helps parents and children find ways to solve problems that make them unhappy.


Mrs. Jacky Wainwright
Administration Officer

Mrs. Wainwright runs the school office and looks after the school’s budget.

Miss. Becky Graves
Administration Assistant

Miss. Graves works in the school office and helps to make sure the school runs smoothly.

Mr. Ross Burnett
Sport Coach

Mr. Burnett teaches the children during PE lessons and also runs our sport clubs and team events.

Mrs. Barbara Spencer
Chair of Governors

Mrs. Spencer leads the Governors to support and challenge the school’s leadership team to make sure the school is the best it can be for the children and their families.