Our Visions and Values

We have an aspirational vision for our school.

  • Spot and nurture individuality and talent.
  • Maximise the use of our resources to support the development of articulate, confident children, who have a thirst for learning.
  • As a school, to exceed national expectations.
  • For every child to be taught by consistently good teaching staff.
  • Keep everyone physically and emotionally safe.
  • Prepare children for the next stage of their educational journey and equip them with the knowledge and skills to play a full part in society locally, nationally and globally.

We have an agreed set of values:

Consistency, perseverance, confidence, independence, integrity and resilience are the values we live and breathe, and something we strive to instil in all our children. 

  • We believe in having a good time and that learning should be fun for staff and children.
  • We believe that people are important and everybody deserves to feel safe physically and emotionally.
  • We believe in being positive and having an ‘I can try!’ attitude.
  • We believe in encouraging good and fair behaviour, self discipline and respect for all.
  • We believe individuality is a gift and every child can achieve.
  • We believe personal growth is as important as academic learning.
  • We believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration.
  • We believe that the children’s best interests should be at the heart of all decisions.
  • We believe in high standards and that everyone should be supported and challenged to achieve all they are capable of.
  • We believe that everyone in our community should have a voice – children, staff, parents and Governors.
  • We believe in celebrating achievement and effort with the whole school community.

We strive to reflect our vision and values through the following aims:

  • To offer high quality and fun learning experiences for all children, providing access to all areas of the National Curriculum through effective use of resources.
  • To create a lively, stimulating and safe environment that is exciting today, as well as a preparation for the future.
  • To promote high standards of behaviour within a secure, caring environment, which fosters in all children a feeling of self worth and an awareness of their responsibilities to themselves, each other and the environment.
  • To promote learning which supports the educational, personal and physical development of children, in and out of the classroom, and develops an enquiring mind.
  • To involve the whole community in the work of the school through good communication, partnership and team work.
  • To recognise the achievements, effort and abilities of all, and respond to the individual needs of both pupils and staff for their continued personal development.
  • To teach children the skills, attitudes and values of the global dimension so that they can grow into informed, active and responsible global citizens.

Our values, vision and aims are reflected in our school motto.

‘Where Young Minds Shine’

To find out more about please see Our Curriculum.