Parliament Groups

At Kirton Lindsey Primary School we believe in giving children a voice and supporting them to make real decisions about school life. In school, we run a parliament with 3 different ministries, each one with elected representatives from Key Stage 2 who work alongside with members of the school’s Senior Leadership Team to decide how we can make our school better.

Teaching and Learning

This group looks at all aspects of teaching and learning, from behaviour in lessons to helping the headteacher appoint new staff.

Parliament Group Leader: Mrs. Randall
Aims for 2018-19

Our Teaching and Learning Parliament Group will be looking at reading in school and at home. We will be looking at our new reading programme ‘Accelerated Reader’ and thinking about how we can embed this across the school to help children to learn and love to read.

Our Community and the Wider World

This group work with the local community and decide which fund raising projects we will get involved in to support the wider world.

Parliament Group Leader: Mrs. Atkinson
Aims for 2018-19

Our Community and Wider World Parliament Group will be looking at recycling pens across the school to support the community and environment. We will also be looking at applying for funding for the local area to help us improve our outdoor environment.

Keeping Safe

This group looks at how we can promote safety awareness and safe behaviour for our children.

Parliament Group Leader: Mr. Fish-Clark
Aims for 2018-19

Our Keeping Safe Parliament Group will be looking at the safety of the children in and around the school. We will be checking the classrooms are kept safe and are suitable environments where children are safe to learn. We will be involved in anti-bullying week and safer internet day in school.