In September 2013, the school developed a house system to nurture co-operation, a sense of belonging and mutual respect between the different age groups and staff across the school and to encourage an element of friendly competition within the school. Each house is led by a member of staff and a Year 6 pupil and takes responsibility for an area of whole school development. The children enjoy house assemblies each week, a house afternoon each half term and also a whole school house competition each half term to get involved in.

House NameFordFranklinCarverEdison
Head of HouseMiss ShawMrs SkeltonMrs Gidlow &
Mrs Barnard
Mr Parton
House ColourGreenRedBlueYellow
House EmblemA Green CarA Kite with a Key and Lightning BoltA PeanutA Lightbulb
House MottoWe are wheelie good!Franklin Team, The Key to Victory!Peanut Power! Go, go, go!We shine bright like lightbulbs!