Head Boy and Girl

2018 – 2019


Head Boy’s views on our school

I started Kirton Lindsey Primary School in reception and have made lots of good friends which was very easy as it is a very friendly school. My favourite subject is P.E because I enjoy all sport, with my favourite being football. All of the teachers are very nice and help you lots. I have been on many school trips and my favourite was the Year 5 trip to York because we went with Messingham Primary School and we went on a Viking ride!


Head Girl’s views on our school

I’ve been at this school since reception and I have loved it. The teachers are very helpful and they can make even the most boring of lessons enjoyable. My favourite lesson is music (taught by Mrs Wales) as you can usually play a piece of music from a previous week. It’s nice to have a break from English and Maths and play some relaxing music on the recorder.

At the end of every year we are asked to write the names of some people who we would want in our class so that in the following year we will have friends in our class. I think this is really good because you will have people in your class who you are close to.

There are a range of residential trips which I have enjoyed; Robinwood (available to go to when you are in Year 3/4, with a different location in Year 6) and a trip in Year 5 – last year we went to York for 2 days (the destination changes regularly).

If I had to sum-up everything I have said, all I would have to say is: I have loved being at this school and I have had an amazing time so far.