Head Boy and Girl



Head Boy’s views on our school


I started Kirton Lindsey Primary School in reception and I was very nervous at first,  but later I made lots of cool and amusing friends. Every single teacher is so nice and helpful, and they’re there whenever you need them. There are lots of subjects in school such as PE, Art, Jigsaw, Science and Topic. My favourite subject is PE because you run around and play lots of amazing games in the warm ups; I really like throwing games! Through my time at school, I have been on many trips, including a residential to Castleton in Year 5, but my favourite trip was the adventure residential to Robinwood. There were so many exciting activities you could take part in, like rock climbing, archery, and teamwork puzzles, but my favourite was archery as I got a bulls-eye the first time!


Head Girl’s views on our school


I have been at Kirton Lindsey Primary School since Reception and have made lots of good friends. My favourite subject is Art because I like to get creative, be messy and have fun! Our school has been on many different trips; my favourite trip so far has to be Robinwood in Year 4 because of all the activities and adventures, including night line, climbing and the Piranha Pool. All of the teachers are so helpful and reliable. If I could say one thing about this school so far, I would say that all of the staff have been there when you need them.