EYFS Principles

Four guiding principles shape practice at Kirton Lindsey Primary School – Early Years Foundation Stage. These are:

  • Every child is a Unique Child, who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.
  • Children learn to be strong and independent through Positive Relationships.
  • Children learn and develop well in Enabling Environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents / carers.
  • Children Learn and Develop in different ways and at different rates.

1. A Unique Child

At the Kirton Lindsey Primary School – Early Years Foundation Stage we focus on how children develop; we recognise they are all different, but should be treated equally. Positive relationships and good communication are vital. Children need to learn about risks and safety, how to make good choices and how to stick to boundaries. We make every attempt to provide full opportunity for each child to do their best and we achieve this by ensuring their physical and emotional needs are met during their time at school.

2. Positive Relationships

This theme is about children learning to manage their feelings and build relationships. We respect all kinds of families and aim to develop a positive two-way relationship with parents. We will support, listen and work with the children at Kirton Lindsey Priamry School – Early Years Foundation Stage to help them learn.

3. Enabling Environments

We plan and check on each child’s progress and make every attempt to involve parents and carers. We ensure that inside and outside spaces in the EYFS are safe, interesting and engaging. Our EYFS staff support children, working as a team to help children succeed.

4. Learning and Development

Kirton Lindsey Primary School – Early Years Foundation Stage focuses on ensuring young children learn through play and exploration, with support for each individual. We encourage children to develop imagination, to get actively involved in learning and to make decisions. We make every attempt to develop children’s creative and critical thinking, balancing the need for both the children and adults to lead the learning.

EYFS Principles Infographic

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